Quadoo Adventure

Speed through mountain terrain on four wheels, with the Quadoo Adventure company in Zakopane. Choose from quad expeditions in the summer and snowmobile expeditions in winter and enjoy an unforgettable off-road experience. Equipped with their own ATVs for rent, Quadoo Adventure organizes off road events for tourists, event companies, corporations, and travel agencies. Starting from the Quadoo base, you will receive a Yamaha or Can Am quad and can pick from single or double seat vehicles. Where you go and how long you drive for is up to you—there are a number of different packages depending on your requirements. One for thing is certain, you'll enjoy magnificent views of the Tatra mountains and the nature surrounding them.

Adventures in the mountains

The most common expedition is a three hour trip through the mountain trails, taking in uphill and downhill terrain, forest paths, gorges, rivers, and glades. The ideal choice for beginners, it includes a break for a warm meal by the fire. You can also go for extended times of six and nine hours and enjoy an attractive trip around Podtatrze, Witów, and Chochołów towards the Polish-Slovak border or alternatively to Sromowiec, a village 60 km away. Quadoo Adventure also offers night time expeditions, where you can experience the thrill of a moonlit drive through the mountains, accompanied by the lights on the quads of course! Combine two passions by choosing the Quad and Rafting tour. This 10 hour adventure will allow you to enjoy a quad trek through the mountains, a trekking trip along the Podhale, and a rafting trip on the Dunajec River, which flows between the rocky mountain peaks.

Safety and experience

The Quadoo Adventure team has been organizing events on quads and snowmobiles in the area for more than ten years. Their team of professionals have many years of experience as tour guides in the Tatra mountains and as ATV trainers. All participants of the expeditions on quads are insured against accidents and civil liability, meaning peace of mind for you as you speed through the spectacular terrain. Participants also receive professional equipment and clothing from Yamaha, such as helmets, gloves, goggles, and boots. Group packages and specially designed activities for children and teenagers are also available, so the adventures aren't just limited to adults in this highly welcoming and professional environment. The adventures start from Gubałówka, 300 meters from the top lift station Szymoszkowa and 150 meters from the top lift station Butorowy.

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