The Museum of Architecture

Since 1965, the Museum of Architecture has dedicated itself to collecting and showcasing incredible feats of design and art under one roof. Among the site's permanent exhibits, you will find a selection of stone details from the thirteenth Century. Prized from buildings that no longer exist, including two monasteries in Wroclaw, these intricate works showcase the talent of stone masons across history. Accompanying these pieces is a broad selection of stained glass windows from the twelfth to the twentieth Century, showing the evolution of the craft over time. These relics are all displayed in the museum, which itself is a spectacle of architectural design, and was once a Bernardine monastery. 

Art installations and rotating exhibitions 

The museum is also home to a rich calendar of art exhibitions, compiling celebrated works by artists from a broad spectrum of styles and eras. Notable installations have included Bullfight: Death of the Toreador, featuring imagery by Picasso, Dali and Goya, alongside modern pieces. Guests can also explore rotating architecture exhibits, which include a showcase of over 2,500 vivid design drawings by the Department of Contemporary Architecture collected after 1945, a 200-strong selection of Medieval works of Silesian origin, and photographic documentation and glass negatives of buildings over the years. 

For more information on the museum's rotating art and architecture exhibitions, please consult their website or call ahead of your visit.