Market Square

In Wroclaw, it will be hard for you to miss the wonderful Market Square. Located in the heart of the city, it is a well-known pedestrian zone with food venues, shopping stores, and different businesses. Popular among tourists and locals alike, it is the perfect place to get a glimpse of the buzzing the city life. 

A reborn city 

When you walk through the market, you will witness an important part of the city's heritage. Not so long ago, this area was known as the city of Breslau, declared by Hitler as a fortress. During the WWII, there was three-month siege right here, which lasted till the end of the war when the Soviets defeated the Germans. After the siege, the city was completely destroyed and had to be rebuilt. The colorful buildings that you'll observe with their impressive facades are replicas of how they were back then. With Art Nouveau and Gothic styles, you will still sense the traditional charm when you are walking past them. 

A stunning Gothic building 

The centerpiece of the square is the Town Hall, one of the most important monuments of secular Gothic architecture in Poland. It is currently home to the Museum of Bourgeois Art and Piwnica Swidnicka, a historic beer cellar that is perfect for enjoying traditional dinner or just a cold beer. Back then in the 13th century when It was built, the Town Hall was the place where big decisions were taken by the Council, playing an important role in the city life. The façade is a mix of different architecture styles: a sober gothic and an early Renaissance touch that was added later in the 16th century. It has an astronomical clock and a 66-meter tower. The museum admission is free for the permanent exhibitions, but for temporary exhibitions or a guided tour, you must pay a fee. The museum opens from Wednesday to Sunday. 

Other points worth visiting 

Discover the statue of the famous polish writer Aleksander Fredro – it used to be the place where the monument to King Frederick II of Germany stood. When the Polish took over the city, they replaced it for Fredro, the great comic playwright and a better representation of their people. For good luck, make sure you stop by the E. M. Geygers replica fountain with a bronze cast bear. The legend tells touching the nose of the bear will bring you fortune. If that wasn't enough, look out for the dwarf's statues, they are spread all over the city!