Centennial Hall

Designed by architect Max Berg and constructed between 1911 and 1913, Wroclaw's Centennial Hall has since stood proud as a center of arts, music, and culture in the heart of Poland's largest city. The hall hosts a broad range of activities all year round, such as trade shows, gigs and performances. So whenever you're on holiday in Poland, it's always worth checking out which events are currently in town.

Diverse events at a forward-thinking venue

Beyond the Centennial Hall's calendar of events, guests can also take in a walking tour of the building and its Discovery Hall, which is home to educational and historical exhibits designed to educate and inform. Not only will attendees learn about the hall itself, but gain a richer understanding of other UNESCO sites and Wroclaw's history. The hall is located within one of Europe's oldest municipal parks—Szczytnicki Park, which also has the infamous Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain and the Wroclaw Congress Centre.

Guests can walk the grounds—complete with over 320 species of trees and shrubs, explore the nearby Japanese garden and visit the nearby Church of St. John of Nepomuk. Centennial Hall is a marvel of architecture and holds a varied season of events, while its surrounding areas offer a grand day out during your holiday in Wroclaw.