Wysoki Kamień peak

Nestled at the intersection of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany, Szklarska Poręba offers a unique location for outdoor enthusiasts. Flanked by the Western Sudetes and the Jizera Mountains, Szklarska Poręba sits in a picturesque valley with the Kamienna River as its lifeblood. While already situated high above sea level, hiking enthusiasts can look forward to a fantastic network of trails—with the peak of Wysoki Kamień being one of the most panoramic destinations. 

A centuries-old tradition 

The Jizera Mountains offer a unique setting for hiking and nature enthusiasts, distinguished by a well-defined network of hiking trails that comfortably lead from one attraction to the next. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced hiker, these trails offer something for everyone. The main trail traverses the Jizera and Karkonosze mountains, which is marked in red, but there are many other trails marked in yellow, blue, and black. These colors do not describe trail difficulty or length: the red sign marks the main trail, whereas colors signal connecting trails. During your hike, find out all about the history, culture, tradition, and legends of the mountains. 

Panoramic perches 

While staying in the fantastic mountain resort town of Szklarska Poreba you’ll have an array of trails to explore. One trail that’s well worth the hike is the one that leads you to the of Wysoki Kamień. 1058 meters above sea level and overlooking Szklarska Poreba, you’ll be rewarded with picturesque views of the mountains and valley. Up on top, you’ll find the hut, Wysoki Kamień, which roughly translates to “high stone.” The hike will take you roughly one hour. From Wysoki Kamień, it’s an easy walk to the Stanislav quartz mine, which is perched higher up than any other mine in central Europe. 

The legend of the mountain spirit 

Throughout the green forests that stretch along the Kamienna River and through the Jizera and Karkonosze mountains, legend has it that a mountain spirit whistles through the fairy tale forests. Follow the “Magical Trail of the Mountain Spirit” along exciting scenic attractions, like waterfalls and rock formations.

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