Karkonosze National Park

Located around the Czech border, Karkonosze National Park offers dramatic natural beauty with many exciting viewpoints. Consisting of the Karkonosze Mountains, the highest mountain range in the Sudetes, the landscape is also often referred to as the “miniature alps” for its odd-shaped granite structures and ponds. With 33 hiking trails covering 100 kilometers and 19 mountain biking trails totaling almost 450 kilometers, not to mention breathtaking summits and captivating wildlife, the National Park showcases Poland’s most pristine side. 

Walk the walk 

Follow the red trail through Karkonosze National Park which runs right along the ridge between the two peaks, with excellent views on both sides. The two main gateways are Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz, and you can walk from one destination to the other within a day, though it’s easiest if you use the chairlift to reach the top of Mt Szrenica. Rising 603 meters in about 25 minutes, it’s used by skiers and snowboarders in the winter and by hikers for the rest of the year. 

Wonderful wilderness 

The largest park of Karkonosze National Park consists of forests, which is partially protected landscape area. The tableau of glacial cirques, rocky summits and bogs is especially important for biodiversity. Attracting more than 200 species of migratory birds, you’ll also find beech, sycamore, and pine trees cover the slopes. The uppermost areas of the Karkonosze you’ll find a unique mix of endemic and alpine plants. 

Useful information 

Whichever time of year you’re going, plan for unpredictable weather conditions and make sure to pack warm, waterproof clothing. The tourist offices in Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz can supply you with an excellent free map of trails.