Sopot Pier

The longest wooden pier in Europe, Sopot Pier is a buzzing destination to explore while staying in Sopot. Straddling Sopot Beach and reaching out into Gdansk Bay, this pleasure pier is a hotspot for entertainment, especially in summer. It is known as “Molo” (Polish for “pier”) to locals.

A storied history

The pier has been a central figure in the history of Sopot for nearly 200 years. Opened in 1827, it was originally a 31.5-meter-long construction and designed by a doctor in Napoleon's army named J.J. Haffner. It was taken apart for the winter and reinstalled in spring due to the storms that could hit the region. Each year it was put back, it was increased in length. This, coupled with refurbishments in 1928 and between 1989 and 1991, have contributed to its extreme size now: it now stands at a massive 511.5m—the longest wooden pier in Europe. Throughout its history, its served as a jetty for fishing boats, as well as a place for the town to party at flashy galas.

The pier today

The pier was reopened at its full length in July 2011, when a brand new marina was constructed at its tip, as well as a restaurant with a garden, and a raised viewing platform. At the entrance of the pier is Skwer Kuracyjny (Spa Square) with its historic fountain and Dom Zdrojowy (Spa House), which has a stunning glass facade. The modern pier, with its concrete roof and white railings, benches and lamps, attracts many visitors and is the center of much of what’s hot in Sopot

Visiting Sopot Pier

To walk on certain parts of the pier during high season, you’ll have to pay a small fee of around 8zł per adult, which goes towards the maintenance of this iconic structure. Full of life in the summer, it’s here that locals will head to enjoy a variety of entertainment. During the summer months, you can enjoy free outdoor cinema screenings for up to 200 people. They also host music events and even sports competitions here. It’s also the ideal place to enjoy beautiful views of the sea, the city and the beach sands. Take a number of different exciting boat trips, including on a big pirate ship, from the pier. Otherwise, just sit on a bench and take in the serene waterside venue and enjoy the sun setting over Sopot from this romantic location.

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