Sopot Lighthouse

Look out over Sopot and the Baltic Sea from this impressive and historic lighthouse. The 30-meter tower was used as a beacon by Polish merchant ships and is the perfect place to see Sopot from an elevated height. You can find the entrance next to the southern entrance to the pier in Sopot.

Intriguing beginnings

It started life as something different from a lighthouse. Constructed between 1903 and 1904 on the site of an old gas plant, it was originally built as a watchtower and as a way to disguise the rather ugly chimney of the boiler room of the Balneological Institute. It was this boiler that heated the waters of the spa complex.

A lighthouse is born

After the end of World War II, the city was rebuilt and lights were installed in the tower, although its short range prevented it from being regarded as a true lighthouse. It was only in 1977, when a larger light with a range of 17 nautical miles was installed, it could be given lighthouse status. In the 1950s, the tower was also used as a rheumatology hospital department.

Sopot Lighthouse today

Although it’s no longer a working lighthouse, it’s open to visitors who want to see this colorful attraction. In the center of a square and surrounded by low buildings, it stands out against the sky with its distinctive design. Over the doorway you’ll see a mermaid, triton, and the official crest of the city.

Sopot’s summit

Walk the 135 steps up the stone spiral staircase to discover the main lantern room at the top, 25m high. A sofa is provided halfway up the stairs in case you are tired on the way! Here, there’s four small canopied porches at each of its corners which link at the top to conceal the boiler room chimney. There’s many windows to get beautiful panoramic views of the city and the surrounding area. Sopot Pier and the shimmering blue sea are visible from the viewing platform, a majestic sight to enjoy and take photos of on your visit. It’s also a fine place to view the sunset from.

Visiting Sopot Lighthouse

A visit to this fascinating attraction will allow travelers to Sopot see the charm of the city from a high vantage point, yielding magnificent vistas. Opening times are subject to weather conditions so it is advisable to check before making plans to visit. There is a small fee of 5 Zloty for entering the tower.