Sopot Beach

Golden sand that seems to stretch for eternity and the peaceful sounds of the sea lapping on the shore. This idealistic vision is a common definition of the perfect beach, yet at Sopot Beach it has always been this way. The beach on the Baltic Sea stretches along the eastern border of Sopot for 4 km in tranquil Gdańsk Bay, providing a calm and relaxing seaside hotspot. It’s easy to access from the town, too. There are 39 entrances from the coastal park to the beach.

Baltic beauty on the Polish Riviera.

Visitors to Sopot Beach cannot fail to be impressed by what Sopot Beach has to offer. The soothing sounds of the ocean, legendary for its restorative properties, will greet the visitor on arrival. The Baltic Sea may not be the warmest, but it’s still full of swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. In the summer months, the water is at a reasonably comfortable temperature and there are toilets and showers at regular intervals along the beach.

Beach life in Sopot

The long powdery beach of sand provides a soft carpet for relaxation and exploration. The sea often washes up amber on to the beach which children and adults alike will enjoy hunting for. To the north of Sopot Pier, there’s a strip of dunes to discover. These sand formations are overgrown with hawthorn bushes and grasses. Take a walk or run along the long stretch of sand or lie down and enjoy sunbathing or reading a good book. You’ll see a lot of volleyball players enjoying a game along the beach, too.

Nightlife, shopping and entertainment

It’s not uncommon to spot people in the party mood enjoying a drink along the shore—although it should be noted that drinking alcohol here is technically illegal. There’s plenty of good bars and live music to enjoy on Sopot Pier or along the coastal path behind it, which links wooden bars which sell Polish beer and fancy cocktails. Enjoy a plethora of seaside restaurants wherever you are on this beach that is central to life in Sopot, naturally seafood is popular here, but there’s also a variety of culinary options to try. You can also easily find a souvenir or beach gear at the many shops that serve tourists. At night, the beach remains a buzzing spot, with locals and visitors alike drinking in the splendid sight of the sun setting over the sea.