Artus Court

Walk into Artus Court (Dwór Artusa) and you may feel as though you've stepped back in time to King Arthur's Round Table. This lavish mansion was the meeting place for Gdansk's most powerful people, including merchants and politicians.

Chivalrous history

The name Artus Court comes from the medieval legend of King Arthur. The merchants who met in this building wanted to follow in the footsteps of those legends, aiming to be fair and chivalrous in their dealings.

Artus Court was a center for meetings, banquets, and other events. Famous people stopped at this place throughout history, such as King Henry IV.

The beautiful building is in a central location in Gdansk, Poland. After a fire in 1841, the building had some Gothic-style renovations completed, which only added to its extravagance. Artus Court was severely damaged in World War II but was rebuilt afterward. Before the war front made it to Gdansk, many materials and items were hidden away and could be used in the reconstruction efforts later.

Artus Court is now part of the Gdansk Museum. Special events are sometimes still held here, like visits from heads of state or city celebrations and events.

Step into the past

Walk into the massive hall and be instantly transported to a different time. You'll find ornamental furniture, impressive paintings, statues, and other works of art throughout. Marvel at the detailed carvings in the woodwork, the large murals on the walls, and the ornate ceiling. You can even see coats of arms, tapestries, and models of ships here.

One of the most notable features inside is the Great Hall's massive tiled stove, which dates back to the Renaissance. It's painstakingly crafted from over 500 individual tiles and 437 of them are originals. The stove is 11 meters high and will certainly draw your attention.

Some of the most famous artwork includes anonymous creations from the late 15th century. Last Judgment by Anton Möller is also well-known, mainly due to its controversial depiction of allegorical characters like Pride or Faithlessness.

Planning your trip

You can stop by Artus Court and walk through at your own pace to discover the treasures inside. The building is also a stop along popular walking tours of Gdansk, if you prefer having a guide that can provide more in-depth information.

This museum is a quick stop in a central location near Neptune's Fountain. A visit to Artus Court can easily fit into any Gdansk trip.

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