Museo Sugbo

Museo Sugbo is the Cebu Provincial Museum located in the former Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), just a few blocks from Plaza Independencia. 

Landmark cultural museum 

As an important reflection of human history in the Philippines, the Cebu Museum is one of the more important destinations in Cebu City that visitors, and international history buffs, should not miss. Sugbo is the native name of the city that was later adapted to Cebu, where visitors will come upon a beautiful colonial Spanish-style structure, flanked by two canons and placards. A short walk through the narrow archway leads to the first galleries. In these front galleries, visitors will find a collection of ancient artifacts—all of which have been excavated on Cebu or Mactan Island. The pottery and jewelry, which has international origins, reflect the importance of inter-waterway trade routes between the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mainland China. Museo Sugbo has a series of galleries for guests to explore, featuring historic relics and personal effects from the Spanish colonial era, the American colonial era, and modern Philippines history—from Governor Legazpi's handwritten correspondence to architectural plans for current day government buildings. Also, the stories of influential figures, events and more can be found throughout the galleries. Guests will discover that this former jail turned museum is an eclectic, informative historical diary of not only the island, but also the Filipino nation. 

More than a museum 

In addition to the galleries, visitors can find the perfect gift, souvenir or memorabilia at one of two quaint gift shops within the compound. The Crafted Trails sells beautiful hand-made wares and museum gifts, where the 1871 Celda Cafe offers hearty snacks and cleverly named sandwiches like the Crime of Passion, the First Day in Prison and the Last Meal Request. Surrounded by high coral-stone walls, the open grounds have matured into a terrific venue for hosting unique celebrations. The vintage, artisan backdrop is the perfect place to host a private celebration or entertain colleagues and business associates. The Well of Wisdom, Love and Good Fortune at Museo Sugbo was believed to be the source of water for the prison complex of the Visayas district. Commonly known as the Wishing Well, this Spanish-era well was unearthed during a renovation project near the rear section of the Museo Sugbo grounds in 2009 and is a great place to round-out your tour of the museum.

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