If you are looking to spend a little time out in the sun and explore the city, then you should take a walk along the Corniche. This road stretches from Sallan Park down to the Fish Harbor and through to the Sohar Fort and Mosque. If you walk all the way from the park to the mosque it is about 6.5 km, so there is plenty of time to enjoy the views out over the ocean and discover life in the Sultanate. 

Stroll along the seaside 

The Corniche is a perfect place to begin your trip around the city. You can spend some time walking along the beautiful sandy beaches, or stick to the road as you make your way along it. When walking south, you will find the path takes you in front of the famous Sohar Fort, a whitewashed building full of history and cultural secrets. Head inside and check out the museum to learn about centuries passed. Right next door you will see the beautiful Sultan Qaboos Mosque of Sohar with its gold dome and impressive gardens. This mosque can accommodate up to 15,000 people and is truly stunning. Take some pictures of the maginificent building and head inside to see more. When here, you can also head to the Traditional Handicraft Market, or local souq, and pick up some handmade items. 

If you don't want to go the whole route, take a leisurely walk on the beachside road in the main part of the corniche. You could also start your trip from the other end at the Sohar Fish Harbor and make your way back taking in all the beautiful sights.