Guided Tours

Trysil is a one-stop destination filled with activities to keep you and your family busy. Nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts will love all the opportunities to connect with the wilderness. Guided tours are available to allow you to dive in and make the most of your visit.

About the tours

The guided tours are offered by an organization called Destination Trysil (Destinasjon Trysil). The organization is owned by 180 Trysil-based companies who want to encourage tourism. Destination Trysil is a good resource for information about Trysil and how to spend your trip.

Tours in the snow

There are plenty of guided tours that allow you to get out and enjoy the snow and the crisp air. Skiing is of course available, including a special family skiing tour where you'll stop off for some delicious hot chocolate. For a slower trek through the snow to enjoy the surroundings, try a snowshoe tour. You can ride in a sleigh or even try dog sledding.

Some more unique tour options include snow kiting or a stargazing tour away from the city. Thrill seekers can get a guided tour of the snowpark, and learn how to use the jumps and rails. If you'd rather stay warm, you can even book a campfire tour to enjoy the outdoors with hot drinks beside a warm fire.

Summer fun

While Trysil may be known as a great ski destination, you won't run out of things to do in warmer weather, either. Sign up for guided tours and have some fun in the sun.

There are plenty of tours that get you in the water. Want to try surfing? Try a surf session, where you can ride the river rapids on a river board or raft. Family-friendly raft rides will allow everyone to enjoy the river, with breaks for swimming. Those seeking high-adrenaline fun will find plenty of options, too, like a canyoning trip where you can slide down waterfalls and jump from high ledges into the water below.

If the water is not for you, try a trail biking tour, horseback riding, or even forest treks aimed at children and families. For something unique, tour guides will even take you on a moose safari for a fantastic day out in nature. Exciting ropes courses and zip-line tours can take you high up in the treetops.

Options for everyone

Whatever your level of outdoor sporting experience may be, you'll find something to try with the guided tours in Trysil. Many tour packages include the gear you need and often a snack, beverage, or meal.

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