Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum

This open-air cultural heritage museum features over 80 vintage buildings that display the construction techniques and history of the Trøndelag region. Set in picturesque surroundings around the ruins of King Sverre's castle, visitors can enjoy wonderful views over the surrounding city and fjord.

Historic buildings

Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum was founded in 1909 by a group of local citizens from Trondheim with the aim of preserving and displaying the distinctive buildings from the area. Located around the ruins of King Sverre’s castle, the museum site covers around 70 acres. There are more than 80 historical buildings to explore which all display construction techniques synonymous with the Trøndelag region. The stave church from Haltdalen is the oldest building on the site, dating back to the 12th century.


The artifacts and objects housed at the museum site showcase the evolution of technology and the local way of life through the ages. Learn about how people lived and worked in the local region by exploring the impressive collection of over 30,000 artifacts. View a selection of these historic relics and everyday objects in the museum’s permanent and seasonal exhibitions.