Munkholmen is situated in Trondheim Fjord, about two kilometers off the coast of Trondheim. This tranquil islet is one of the city's most popular spots for tourists and locals alike.

Take a stroll through Trondheim's history

The island's rich history makes it an ideal spot to explore for history buffs. With roots dating back to the Viking ages, the island has served many different purposes, including a monastery, fortress, prison, and defense station during World War II. Take a guided tour through the fortress in English or Norwegian and get a glimpse of the ruins of a court and Benedictine monastery. Explore the dungeon, powder room, and the prison cell of Griffenfeld—the island's most famous prisoner.

Idyllic summertime location

From May to September, the island is a buzzing hotspot for both local visitors and tourists. There's a large grassy area that's ideal for sunbathing or playing with family or friends. The sandy beach is the perfect place to take a dip in the Fjord's waters. Bring your own barbecue or picnic basket and spend the day surrounded by breathtaking views. There's also a café that is open daily during the summer months. The café offers a selection of snacks, drinks, sandwiches, lunches, and of course, ice cream.