Kristiansten Fortress

Learn about the fortress' storied history

Kristiansten Fortress is one of Trondheim’s central landmarks and a National Fortifications Heritage site. The original construction of the fort began in 1681, after the great city fire, intended to protect the city from enemy attacks from the east. Discover the fort's history in the museum or take a walk through the green, hilly grounds and learn about the different buildings and locations of the fortress throughout the centuries. Follow the fortress trail, where the map and signs provide fascinating information about key events and facts.

Unwind on the green hills overlooking the city

The fortress is surrounded by a large, public recreational area. Bring a picnic, play a game outdoors with family or friends, or simply enjoy the stunning view of Trondheim, the fjord, and the mountains. During local holidays, the area is used for a variety of cultural events. You can also visit the on-site café for a drink or snack with beautiful surroundings.