Stavanger Museum

Maritime Museum

Opened in 1926, this exhibition of fishing and shipping in Norway offers a glimpse into the last 200 years of the industry.

Children's Museum

Get to know what it's like growing up in Norway, with exhibitions detailing the history of childhood in the country. Children will love a visit to the fairy tale castle and getting involved with the activities and play area.

Printing Museum

Explore the different crafts and techniques used in the Norwegian Printing Museum. From bookbinding to lithography, aspiring writers will find inspiration here.

School Museum

Housed in a schoolhouse from the 1920s, at the School Museum, you can get dressed up and experience the old Norwegian education system.

Stavanger Art Museum

Set by a lake at Tjensvoll, the art museum showcases over 2,000 artworks from Norwegian and international artists. Highlights include paintings from Norwegian artists Edvard Munch and Lars Hertervig. Norwegian Canning Museum. Canning was the most important industry in Stavanger from the 1890s to the 1960s, and this museum takes you back in history through exhibitions displaying photographs, machinery, and advertisements used in the trade. If you're interested in the history of industry in the city, a visit to the Oil museum Stavanger is also well worth a trip.