Old Town Stavanger

Stavanger's Old Town is as quaint as they come. Over 173 small white wooden houses line the cobbled streets and alleyways, which is worth the wander in itself. The houses date back to the late 18th century and have been perfectly preserved. Traditionally in Norway, it was custom to take your house with you when you moved. This might sound quirky but each house is actually hinged into timber, making it easy to relocate. The houses also have orangey-red roofs, making them very distinctive.

Learn about life by the sea

In addition to the beautiful houses, there are two niche museums in the area: the Maritime museum and the Norwegian Canning Museum. From here you are also minutes from many of the city's other attractions. The Maritime Museum is located in waterfront warehouses in Stavanger's harbor. These 200 year old merchant buildings are also steeped in history. The museum tells this region's story when it comes to shipping, shipbuilding and life around the coastline, both onshore and offshore.

Discover the history of Canning

The Norwegian Canning Museum is housed in a former canning factory, which was in operation from 1916 to 1958. Learn about the importance of preserving food and of Norwegian favorites of old, which remain an important part of the nation's diet to this day. During your visit, you will gain an understanding for factory life and the front end of the production line, as well as browsing archives, photographs and much more. On the first Sunday of each month, you can also sample a delicious taste of the sea with freshly smoked sardines. This niche museum offers something a little bit different. Although compact, it is worth taking the time to stroll around its beautiful streets and alleyways.