The natural pearl Odderøya is located close to Kristiandsand's center. This nice outdoor recreation area offers cafes and galleries as well as hiking trails. Should you want to take a nice stroll, whilst sipping a cup of coffee, this is the perfect place. Combine it with a cultural refill at Kilden Performing Arts Centre and your day will be close to perfect. The Fish Quay is also nearby where you will find pleasure boats, restaurants and places to enjoy drinks. Buy a bag of fresh shrimps, an ice cream, or a snack, before taking the stroll around the island.

The journey after Quart festival

This beautiful space used to be the arena for the famous Quart Festival, which was the most visited music festival in Norway. When it went bankrupt in 2008-2009, many feared that it would be the end for Kristiansand as a festival city. Today, Odderøya is still a popular arena for concerts and attracts celebrated artists from all around the world. Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Pink, Ozzy Osbourne, Bryan Adams are just a few names to mention.

The History of the Island

Should you want to walk around Odderøya, it is approximately 3 kilometers along well marked hiking trails. Besides the seaward approach to Kristiansand and the eastern harbor, you will see the Christiansholm Fortress and the charming small craft harbors. For those with a historical interest, the area is even more exciting. Its history is actually older than the city's. Archaeological findings have shown that humans inhabited this area for more than 4000 years and that it was used for agriculture and farming up until 1806. The island also has quite an interesting military history. Alongside buildings from the 1700s, and earlier, they have found remains of an old powder magazine, a fortification, and an old quarantine hospital. In the 1830s, the island was the largest quarantine station in Northern Europe. Staying Centrally in Kristiansand. If you really want to experience the idyllic life known to the Southern Norway, Odderøya is definitely the place to visit. Enjoy the islands many galleries, or why not visit the local antique store? From the top of the island there are breathtaking views of the city, and, in the summer months, an area called Bendiksbukta is the arena for many concerts.