Mineral Park

An hour outside Kristiansand, in Hornes, is the spectacular Mineral Park. Built rock by rock, this park is meant to be a visual experience for people without any background or specific interests towards stones or minerals. Its main focus is to give visitors a feeling of something real and not something which is plastic or man-made. When the park was built, the wish was to create something new that would enrich and astonish.

Family Adventures at the Mineral Park

The park itself says that it wants to be seen as "stone cold crazy," in the positive sense that it dares to do something nobody has done before it. There is no debating that the experience here is unique for the whole family. In the mountain halls, you can see more than a 1000 minerals from across the whole world. To not be impressed by these creations of nature is almost impossible. In the Mineral Park you can skip about in the climbing forest, go for a guided tour in the tunnel, visit the sculpture park, carve your own stone figurines, or make necklaces from the stones. A lot of visitors find a treasure hunt in the mountains to be an exciting activity. Here you are given a map, and if all the puzzles are solved, gold awaits!

If you want to do more than visit the Kristiansand Zoo with your family, the Mineral Park is a perfect activity. Take the family rebus throughout the park or go exploring in the fairy tale stream (Eventyrbekken). Maybe you will wash out some gems, arrowheads, shells, fossils, or emeralds, which you can bring home.