World renowned for both deep-sea fishing and open water diving, the strongest tidal current on earth, Saltstraumen, is a natural phenomenon not to miss. Just 33 km south of Bodø, it is something all visitors should see when visiting the region. The incredible Saltstraumen is most visible every seven hours when the tide is at its highest. Here almost 400 million cubic meters of water are forced through the strait between Skjerstadfjord and Saltenfjord. The pressure here is so high that the water can rush up to 22 knots (40 km/h) and create vortices up to 15 meters in diameter and 5 meters deep. Every 14 days the amount of water that passes through this strait is greater than the amount that flows through Norway's largest river during flooding. As this current is so strong, boats and vessels only have a two-hour window to cross this area after each tide.

Fishing in the region

This area is an El Dorado of fish for deep sea fishing enthusiasts. With its oxygen-rich water, it is one of Norway's best fish havens, being home to a variety of species of fish, sea life, and plants. You can hook halibut, cod, catfish, and coalfish at sizes other fishing spots can only dream of. In 1995, a coalfish weighing 22.7 kg was pulled from the water, which still holds the record for biggest coalfish caught with a rod.

Dive to the depths

Named by National Geographic as one of the world's top ten diving destinations, Saltstraumen is also a perfect trip for those who prefer the deep blue to the mountains. This unique underwater playground has so much to offer that it has been dubbed one of Europe's "Wild Wonders." The strong current here makes for difficult diving conditions. If you have a good deal of experience, expert buoyancy control, and are comfortable in a dry suit, make sure to explore this nature-rich area. Visibility is also excellent here, allowing you to see up to 60 meters in the beginning and end of the season. If you chose to dive in the summer the visibility is not as great, but this is the time where the underwater life is thriving in a rainbow of colors. If you have the time, drive a little further and visit the town of Kjerringøy, another must-do for all visitors.