With its pure white sandy beaches sprinkled along the peninsula, Kjerringøy is the pearl of the North. Lying only a half hour's drive outside of the city, this is the perfect destination for a day trip when visiting Bodø. Time stands still here, where eagles circle over snow-capped mountain peaks, white sands, and green meadows. If you want to recharge your batteries, this is a destination you really should not miss.

Walk among history

Along with its rich nature, the area is known for its large trade industry in the 1800s. Many of the buildings from this time are still intact and so well preserved that you can take a look hundreds of years back in time. It was here that the author Knut Hamsun traveled to 130 years ago to borrow 1600 kroner from the merchant Erasmus Zahl in order to fund his writing. Little did Zahl know that this money would change the history of literature and lead to Hamsun being awarded the first Nobel Prize in literature.

From Bodø by bike

If you are active and wish to take a scenic biking tour, make the trip by bike across the beautiful Vestfjordruta. The stretch connecting Bodø to Kjerringøy is part of the national biking route, which places it at the top of most biking addicts' lists. Along the way, you can make small stops and discover idyllic places and forgotten fishing spots. Pedal your way through this incredible landscape and then along the white sand beaches and mountainous terrain. A little farther away from the town itself you can take a trip to Marken Grøde and Kjerringøy Farm. See how an organic farm works and learn about yeast production while tasting delicious homemade bread and cured meats at the lovely café.