Chapel of Lights

Visit this compact yet vibrant visitor attraction near Beitostølen for a stunning experience bathed in light unlike anything you will have experienced before. The Chapel of Lights is around 2.5 km from the town, next to Beitostølen Helsesportsenter and is a popular attraction among locals and tourists due to the artistic beauty of the chapel and its peaceful setting. Whether you are religious or not, this local landmark is well worth a visit simply to appreciate the wonderful architectural design and its harmony with nature and the sun.

Unique design and stunning light

The Chapel of Lights is a beautiful wooden structure in an unusual pentagonal shape. While not a particularly large building, it has been known to host up to 50 people for bigger events such as weddings. The place of worship is set in charming woodland and among nature, with mountains looming in the background. It blends into this picturesque scenery with its grass roof and wooden design, but is set apart by its magnificent glass mosaic by German artist, Harald Stephan. The stained glass window, designed by artist Ferdinand Finding, is packed with religious symbolism, with God's eye in the top right of the window providing the crowning glory. The white doves symbolize the Holy Spirit. Sunlight streams in through this glass, bathing visitors in glorious colored light as they explore the cozy chapel.

Welcoming atmosphere for all

This Christian chapel offers services to the three main Christian groups: Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Orthodox and it is open every day for worshipers. There is regularly a "Golden Hour" of meditation among the lights for those who wish to do this. However, anyone, including those who are not religious, is welcome to visit this holy site. Admire the incredible exterior and interior and the calm atmosphere of this uniquely designed destination. Entry is free to the chapel, although donations are appreciated, in order to help with the upkeep of this spiritual haven. The idea and funds for this pentagonal chapel came from enthusiasts Anna and Erling Stordahl. Their dream was to set up a church and they set up a will which secured the initial capital to work on the project. It was completed and consecrated by Bishop Rosemarie Køhns and opened in the late 1990s. After enjoying their time at the chapel, visitors can explore the area around it and take in the lush green surroundings and the fresh mountain air, perhaps stopping for a picnic before returning to Beitostølen refreshed.

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