Leidseplein is one of the main squares in the bustling city center of Amsterdam. There are a plethora of options for tourists and locals alike here with entertainment at every corner.

A common fixture of this entertainment-focused square is the street performers that can almost continuously be found on the square's eastern side. From amazing break-dancers to freestyle jazz musicians on the double bass, there is always something to see in this place at any time of year. During the summer season, the other side of Leidseplein is taken up by large terraces and bars. Here, tourists and locals sit back and relax with a drink while taking a break from their shopping or on their way to the nearby Museumplein to take in more sights. During the winter season, there is a festive feel with an array of hot food stalls scattered around the square, as well as a pop-up ice skating rink for the family to enjoy. In the streets surrounding Leidseplein, restaurants and bars serving food can be found any way you look, all serving different themes and genres. Korte Leidsedwarsstraat and the intersecting streets are crammed with Chinese, Italian, and Argentinian restaurants, most of which offer great deals due to the close proximity and competition. There are also a number of higher end restaurants nearby, offering a variety of options if you would prefer to indulge yourself over a well-earned Sunday brunch or a jazzy dinner in style.

When heading to the hustle and bustle of Leidseplein, you are not only treated to an array of options in terms of food and beverage, but the area is well known for being the center of the Amsterdam night life. You can find some famous music venues such as Melkweg and Paradiso, while Irish pubs, brown cafés, and smaller nightclubs line the square and the streets surrounding the area. For a classy night out, the city theater, the Stadsschouwburg, sits directly opposite the tram stop on the square itself and is known to hold some of the best concerts and live performances annually.

Once in the city center, all roads lead to Leidseplein. With most public transport intersecting the area, you can make your way in and out with utmost ease. Known for being a hub for all things social, this area is an unavoidable sight when visiting Amsterdam and will no doubt be a memorable experience for all.