Music has always been one of the key pillars of Dutch culture and the Netherlands has seen a rich array of artists grace its shores. One of the main locations for any artist to play and ply their trade is Bimhuis. Located in Piet Heinkade, Bimhius is a concert arena that has hosted some of the most memorable modern jazz and classical compositions of today. The Bimhius is a venue for pioneering musicians of all generations, from both the local and international scenes.

With over 300 concerts each year, Bimhuis looks to explore all the new and innovative developments in jazz, improvised music, and many other genres, including world music and electronic music. With such an emphasis on the modern developments in music it is clear that this establishment has a focus of giving new and unique experiences to the audience. The program includes established names and pioneers of earlier movements. Innovation is key, whether in relation to jazz, ensemble music, world music, or electronic music. Bimhuis looks to showcase and give a platform to musicians of all generations, both local and international, and one of its main objectives is to highlight, nurture, and showcase noteworthy talent at an earlier stage in their career. Such talent is not only given this platform on stage but also through classes and workshops that are available to anyone. With these classes they will look to enhance their understanding of their respective disciplines as well as growing their own name within the prestigious Bimhuis programs.

Originally opened in 1974, the building has gone through a series of renovations throughout the years and although the building has changed, the values of the establishment have always remained true to this day. The layout of the stage and access to the bar are spacious, comfortable, and technically advanced. The Bimhuis annually receives twice as many visitors now as the older venue did in its most successful year ever. Everyone plays there now, from stars to amateurs, from mainstream to avant-garde. In essence, the Bimhuis remains an important junction in the international network of improvising musicians. Immerse yourself in the music and give yourself a night to remember in an unforgettable venue.