Old Medina

Almost entirely destroyed in 1755 by an earthquake, the original old town of Casablanca has been renovated over time to again become a place to experience the bustle of life in old Morocco. Enter through Bab Marrakech on Ave Tahar El Alaoui at the corner of Place de Nations Unies, and start making your way through the crooked streets populated with street-side stalls and local cafés. 

Remnants of the past 

It’s easy to pass by the medina and just head to the seaside, but it’s well worth spending some time getting lost in this neck of the woods. The Old Medina is essentially frozen in time, with remnants of the old city walls and fortifications still visible in some parts. But that hasn’t stopped it from teeming with new life. 

Treasure hunting 

One of the beauties of this medina is its bazaar, a marketplace filled with local treasures. Scour, sample, and shop your way through spices and oils, leather goods and shoes, jewelry and antiques, but be ready to bargain. You’ll also find a colorful selection of restaurants and pavement cafes, where locals slurp dark tea in the sun.