King's Palace

Nestled between swaying orange trees, ornate water fountains and ponds, the King’s Palace in Casablanca presents a wonderful fusion of French and Moroccan architecture. While the interiors are closed to visitors as is common for royal residences, the beautiful gardens and striking exterior will make the visit worth it. 

Royal residences 

The King of Morocco has several official residences spread across the country, and since Casablanca is the largest city, it’s no surprise it boasts a generous palace for when the king or other members of the royal family visit. While the grounds are off-limits to visitors, you’ll be able to see the guards standing at the grand palace gates, take in the lush scent of citrus trees, which dot the courtyard in a perfect composition. 

The Habous Quarter 

While visiting the palace take the opportunity to explore the Habous Quarter, home to many artisans, booksellers, and fruit vendors. Pottery, spices, and handwoven carpets can also be found, making this an exciting destination to add to your Casablanca travel itinerary.