National Philharmonic Concert Hall "Serghei Lunchevici"

The capital of Moldova offers plenty of cultural activities. Among them, they pride themselves with showcasing magical music performances at the National Philharmonic Concert Hall Serghei Lunchevici. So, when staying in Chisinau, you must give yourself a night of entertainment at this wonderful Concert Hall.

A national landmark, the Concert Hall was founded in 1930 and has hosted cultural events over 75 years. It was a prestigious and important venue during the Soviet era, where artists, musicians, and aficionados met for a night of cultural enjoyment. The Philharmonic is named after Serghei Lunchevici – an important violinist, conductor, and composer of Moldova. He had a famous reputation in the art scene of the region, so it was decided to pay tribute to him by including his name in the most important concert institution of the Republic of Moldova.

Historic building

The design of the building is characteristic from the era. The facade and interiors are reminiscent of architecture from the Soviets. If you climb to the balcony, you can enjoy fantastic views of the capital of Chisinau. The hall is conveniently located in the northeast of the city center and is within walking distance from the Cathedral Park and other attractions of the city.

What to see

Visiting the National Philharmonic is a way of embracing the local culture and getting to know the music that is traditionally played in Moldova. The venue hosts a variety of concerts in different musical styles like pop, opera, jazz, and folk music. However, the classical music performances by the Moldovan Symphonic Orchestra are a big part of the Philharmonic's program. The orchestra is composed of 80 professional musicians and its repertoire includes creations from different periods and various genres, giving special importance to music composed in Moldova and Romania. The orchestra has played in international festivals and toured around countries like Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Romania. Also, look out for the concerts by the Popular Folk Orchestra. Founded in 1968 to preserve and propagate the Moldovan folklore, this orchestra differs from the classical one as it has its own instrumental style dating back to the origins of the nation. It is composed of instruments such as the hammered dulcimer, pan flute, the accordion, the flute, among others. And the show portrays typical costumes and include a folk act.

Consider this

Make sure you check the website to see what's on while you are there so that you can plan ahead. You don't want to miss one of these concerts and a chance to experience the local culture.