Flacq market

Head to the village of Flacq in the east of Mauritius for the biggest open-air market on the island and get ready to haggle! Flacq is both a village and a shopping district, the name comes from the Dutch "Vlak" meaning "Flat." It has many shopping stalls, street shops and boutiques. It's also famous for its several Indian wear shops and is best visited on Wednesdays and Sundays when all the stalls are open. The market is an excellent place to pick up gifts for friends and family, and see how the locals shop for produce.

Feast for the senses

You can sport open-air market from far as it is an explosion of color and vibrancy. A popular destination among tourists and locals alike, it is a must-visit place for a slice of Mauritian life. On Wednesdays and Sundays (when all the stalls are open) the place is swarming with people. The tropical fruits and confectionery stalls are remarkably bright and colorful, providing an excellent photo opportunity along with a mouthwatering selection of sweet treats.

Apart from the colorful sights, the experience of inhaling the aromas is also incredible. The spices on sale, alongside the fresh fish and seafood are just some of the distinctive aromas drifting around the market. Don't forget to pick up some local herbal tea and vanilla, which are two local specialties of the Flacq region. Wandering around this Eastern part of the island, you'll find that the usage of Mauritian Creole and French becomes less frequent, as Bhojpuri (ancestral dialect from India) takes over. You will find vendors selling delicious snacks such as spicy noodle dishes, samosas, and so on. Sip some fresh coconut water to wash down the yummy snacks. The coconuts are cut for you by the vendor then and there and their sweet water makes for a refreshing drink any time of the day.;

Gifts and souvenirs

It's not just perishable goods that are on sale at Flacq. In the north wing of the market, there are stalls selling a variety of items, such as clothing, phone accessories, flowers, and handicrafts. Pick up a souvenir or a gift for friends and family back home. There are also many traditional items of art and craft on sale apart from the usual wares of key rings, magnets, and bags. You will find different items of clothing as well as miscellaneous things incense sticks, scarves, and more. You are not likely to leave this market without finding something you'll want to bring home. Remember to haggle; try to knock at least 20% off the price they give you but remember that the important thing to do is try to assess how much you would be happy to pay for the item and don't go above that. If you're happy with the price you got, then you've made a good deal.