Gëlle Fra monument

The Gëlle Fra monument, located on the Constitution Square, was created in 1921 and inaugurated in 1923 to commemorate the Luxembourgers who perished in the First World War. Today it symbolizes freedom and resistance for the people of Luxembourg people. The center piece of the monument is a 21-meter-tall obelisk. Atop the obelisk stands a gold-plated female statue representing Nike, goddess of victory, holding out a laurel wreath. As from 28 June until 06 Aug 2017, the City Skyliner will be on Constitution Square. At 81 meters high, the City Skyliner is the tallest mobile observation tower in the world. It can accommodate up to 60 people at the same time and take them to a height of 72 meters so that they can enjoy a 360° view of the surrounding area.

History of the monument

‘' The gold woman'' is one of the most famous statues of the city and is observable from the distance thanks to its height and glimmering brilliance. A real symbol of Luxembourg and a true historical jewel, the monument is a famous tourist attraction and is featured in many iconic pictures of the country. During the Nazi occupation in World War II, the memorial had been taken apart, but some parts of it were rescued and the monument was partially restored soon after the war. In 1984, the memorial was fully reassembled and restored to its original design, and one year later it had been unveiled to the public on Luxembourg's national day in the presence of Grand Duke Jean.

Landmark of the city

An icon of Luxembourg, you can enjoy some nice views over the park from the constitution Square and easy access to some of the Casemates. You also have the chance to visit the Cathedral, which is located nearby the memorial.

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