Žalgiris Arena

If the name Žalgiris rings a bell, it is because this arena shares its name with the famous Lithuanian basketball club BC Žalgiris. Lithuania takes its sports seriously and this world-class arena is a proof of that. Located by the Nemunas river, it is the largest indoor arena in the Baltic with a maximum capacity of 20,000 spectators. The stunning arena with its unique shape is used to host basketball game as well as concerts.

Catch a game or concert

If you are in the city during an event at the arena, don't miss it. Check out the calendar and book your ticket as soon as you start planning your travel. You will not regret this purchase. The arena vibrates with energy during games and concerts. It is a favorite destination for basketball and music fans of Europe. Host to Euroleague games and known for its brilliant acoustics, the arena has a track record of sold-out events. So, it is imperative that you don't leave the purchase of tickets till the last moment. If by chance you are in town when the home team is playing, you are in for a treat. Lithuanians are known for their devotion to BC Žalgiris and one of their matches sparks vibrant fervor among fans and this experience is something that you are not going to forget in a hurry.

Good news for parents

This arena knows that even die-hard fans are parents and they have come up with a wonderful idea that allows parents to enjoy any event. The arena's special corner, Childhood city, is a children entertainment zone where parents can leave their children during any event. You can even buy a ticket with the event ticket to ensure that you and your child will both have fun.

Take a tour

In case you are not able to experience the adrenaline rush of attending an event here, you still have the chance of being a part of the excitement by taking a guided tour of the arena. Feel like a celebrity as you stand in the middle of the arena or go backstage to get a behind-the-scenes look. Hear about the lighting and acoustics that make this arena special along with other little-known facts. The arena also has a selection of restaurants, bars and bistros that cater to your taste buds and some of them are open every day even when there are no events.