Jeita Grotto

First discovered in 1836 by an American missionary, Jeita Grotto is a network of two interconnected karstic limestone caves in the Nahr al-Kalb valley in Keita, just a short 11-mile trip from Beirut. The caves date back to prehistoric times. The river that provides the Lebanese people with their drinking water flows through these caves. Every year approximately 280,000 visitors flock here to admire the natural rock formations of Jeita Grotto.

Explore the caves

The caves are a hidden gem, but many believe that they should be among the seven wonders. In fact, the grotto was a finalist in the New 7 Wonders of the World competition. Explore the lower cave by boat and marvel at the majestic forms of otherworldly concretions. Discover a huge stalagmite formation leaning to one side, like the Pisa tower. This boat ride is a relaxing trip, gliding calmly on a tranquil river that reflects delicate limestone formations and being surrounded by profound silence occasionally broken by the melodious sound of water drops. Learn more about the caves from their long history from a film presentation at the venue. In 1958, Lebanese speleologists discovered the upper galleries 60 meters (200 ft) above the lower cave. The upper cave can be accessed on foot through a series of safe walkways, which were built especially for visitors, without disturbing the natural landscape. The upper galleries house the world's largest known stalactite, measuring 8,20 meters, as well as tiny stalagmites looking like candles. The galleries are composed of a series of serene chambers the largest of which peaks at a height of 120 meters (390 ft). Spend a magical day full of adventure – be carried away from a tangible world to a wonderland of crystallized grottoes characterized by extraordinary concretions of stalactites and stalagmites sculpted naturally in different forms, sizes, and colors.

Discover the Valley of Nahr

The road leading to the caves is through the mountains of the Nahr Valley and surrounded with trees. Around the attraction, there are lovely gardens to walk through, a train to ride, a zoo and many sculptures to enjoy. You can spend a whole day here with the family and you can even stop for a coffee or meal in the adjoining café and restaurant.