Scientific Center

A cultural achievement and architectural masterpiece, the Science Center in Kuwait is an educational facility dedicated to Islamic art, culture and architecture. Dig into Kuwait's complex history, and make sure to visit the building's three main attractions: the aquarium, Discovery Place and the IMAX theater. At the aquarium, tour three different environments: the desert, the coast and the sea. At Discovery Place, tour an education exhibit, with topics ranging from physics to genetics and food science – a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages. At the IMAX, catch a 3D movie about the world's oceans, rainforests and plenty more. Enjoy the coastal setting and take in stunning views of Kuwait from the waterfront, or take part in the "Dive with Sharks" program in the main tank, for visitors with a scuba diving license. Here, you can get up close with deep water sharks, turtles, fish and corals.
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