Kuwait Towers

In the Sharq District of downtown Kuwait City lies one of the country's most visually arresting landmarks, the Kuwait Towers. With its panoramic vistas and striking modern design, this group of symbolic towers has won iconic architectural status globally. They have become a symbol of the nation's prosperity and urbanization. Known to the locals as "Al Abraj" translated simply to "The Towers," the monument's prominent location on the Arabian Gulf sea front adds to its popularity among tourists and locals alike.


It is hard to believe that this popular spot was once conceived of as only another water tower in the nation's water tower network. However, His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Jaber thought differently. He felt that owing to its prominent location, the towers needed to be designed aesthetically. A Swedish firm was given the contract of designing the towers in traditional Kuwaiti style and an Yugoslavian firm was entrusted with the construction. Design aesthetics At the core of the design is a balance between modernity and tradition, with the "rocket and globe" form representing the intertwined nature of two fundamental ideals: humanity and technology. More than 50,000 enameled steel discs embellishing the spheres, in different colors synonymous with the sky and the sea, evoke a likeness to the country's traditional mosques and minarets along with

The towers

The main tower rises to 185m and is one where you will be headed when visiting the towers. It has two spheres, one of which is called the Viewing Sphere. It has a revolving viewing platform at a height of 120m and offers sweeping views of the surrounding area. The tower also houses a selection of restaurants, which are very popular among locals. The middle tower is true to its original function and still used as a water tower and the small tower, which was designed for aesthetic reasons, is used as a source of electricity and illuminates the other two towers.

A spectacular view and unique experience

For those seeking a unique gastronomic experience, the 90-seater restaurant located within the lower sphere is a fun place to dine. However, for the more daring, the upper sphere awaits. The rotating viewing platform provides a sweeping 360-degree view of the city and the surrounding area. From its prime position on the Bay of Kuwait's most prominent headland, unrestricted views of the landscape offer visitors a chance to admire and photograph spectacular views from the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf to the dynamic and ever-changing skyline of the city itself.

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