Kitengela Glass

Although neighboring the hugely popular Nairobi National Park. Kitengela Glass is a bit of a hidden gem. Even before entering through the main gate, you’ll be met with stunning glass animal sculptures and mosaic pathways on route to the glass blowing studio. 

Prepare to be blown away 

Each item in Kitengela Hot Glass studio is handmade and unique. Everything is also entirely made out of scrap glass, reimagined into functional art pieces. Inside the studio, you can see the craftsmen at work, casting objects like beads, goblets, and vases. Colored glass panels are also used to adorn chandeliers, window panels, and decorative mosaics, which you might see in Kenyan church windows, hotels, government ministries, embassies, as well as private homes. 

From London to Kenya 

Kitengela Glass was founded more than 35 years ago by Nani, who worked as a muralist at the Goddard and Gibbs Stained Glass studio in London, which continues to exist today. After working here for many years, Nani decided to bring her craft back to Kenya. But since importing glass was too expensive, she decided to work with recycled glass, including broken glass and empty bottles. Soon thereafter, she started training the first glass blowers in Nairobi. 

Live in a glass house 

Beside the planetarium dome that holds the hot glass studio, various cottages are available for stays. Each of the six cottages are adorned with glasswork from the studio. From mosaic floors to stained glass windows, doors, and lamps, each is as unique as they come. On top of that, cottages with balconies give way to fantastic views over the vast National Park. 

Hidden gem 

Open 7 days a week, the Kitengela Glass Studio offers a close up look at a time-honored craft. Besides visiting the studio, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the eco-friendly café, which serves tea and coffee next to homemade snacks and ice cream. In the shop, you’ll find all the decorative objects crafted in the studio, so that you can bring a touch of Nairobi back to your home.