Karen Blixen Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum is one of the national museums of Kenya and is located 6 miles from Nairobi's center. The museum is an old farmhouse and grounds that lie at the base of the Ngong Hills. The house was built in 1912 and eventually became home to the Danish author Karen and her Swedish husband Baron Bror von Blixen-Finecke. They used 600 acres of their 4,500-acre farmlands to plant coffee, and she lived there until her marriage and plantations failed, upon which she returned to Denmark to continue writing. 

The farm from "Out of Africa"

If you are a fan of the movie or book "Out of Africa", then this museum will be a treat. Karen wrote the book about her time in Kenya and her beloved farm, which was then made into the movie. After the movie spiked a newfound interest in the history of the house and farmland, the house became part of the National Museums of Kenya. Much of the original furniture was bought back from those who acquired it and now help piece together the past. You are welcome to walk the grounds and take a step back in time while visiting the residence. There is a great deal of history to uncover. If you haven't seen the film, then it is something to put on your pre-departure list. The film gives a great depiction of the time during the European settlement and cultivation in Kenya. It is based on Karen's struggles to keep her estate and along the way her growing understanding and love for the culture and people around her.