Thomond Park Stadium

If you are a rugby fan, you are sure to know all about this museum already and may as well skip to the part about planning your visit. If you are not a rugby fan, then you are in for a surprise as no one leaves this stadium unimpressed. The world-renowned sports and entertainment venue is home to the famed Munster Rugby Team and has hosted many famous games and events, including nail-biting matches with other international teams, concerts of legends, and even the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony.

The home team

Munster Rugby and Thomond Park are synonymous with each other in the rugby world. The stadium has played an important part in the rise of the home team. The crowd atmosphere at Thomond Park is legendary—even if you're not a rugby fan, you'll find yourself drawn in by the contagious energy and spirit of the "Red Wave"with Munster's dedicated fans dressed head to toe in their team color, scarlet red. Check Munster Rugby's website to see if the team has a home game scheduled during your visit to Limerick and grab your tickets if you happen to be lucky. More than sports Apart from being a sports venue, the 26,000-seat stadium is also a popular venue for concerts. It has hosted musical legends, such as Elton John, Pink, and Bruce Springsteen. Even if you are not a sports fan, it is a good idea to check out the events calendar as soon as you start planning your trip. You may just be in for a musical treat if your trip coincides with the fabulous concerts that are hosted here.

A museum and tour

An onsite museum traces the history of the home team through interesting exhibits and interactive displays. Take a tour to see the museum and feel like a sporting legend as you walk in to the dressing rooms or walk down the tunnel to the ground.

Plan your visit

Museum and stadium tours are available Monday to Friday from 09:30 and pre-booking is advised. If you want to go on a weekend, contact the stadium and they can arrange a tour for your group.

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