Jameson Distillery

If you are traveling around the area of Cork, stop by this Jameson Distillery, offering a variety of tours to satisfy everyone's tastes. Whether you are a whiskey connoisseur or just someone interested in Irish culture, you are in for a fun experience as you gain insight into the process and history of whiskey making and also get a taste of some of the finest blends from the region.

A new location for Jameson

The original Jameson Distillery was based in Dublin when it opened in 1780. In 1975, the company moved its home to Midleton, Cork to expand its operations and to be closer to barley farmers. Today, the distillery resides in a restored old grain store. When you visit, you'll see the largest pot still in the world, with a capacity of 31,618 gallons, dating back to the 19th century. An old iron waterwheel from 1852, which supplied power to the distillery, is also on the premises.

Behind the blend

It is believed that the secret of Jameson's whiskey rests in the process of triple distillation. The whiskey was kept for several years in oak barrels, which were imported from Spain or Portugal. This way it would develop a certain maturity. The barrels had leftover port, sherry, or bourbon and these would lend a specific taste to the whiskey.

The tours

At the Midleton distillery, there's a lot see and multiple tour options to choose from. Try the longer tours, such as the Behind the Scenes Tour and the Jameson Distillery Experience Tour, which include more in-depth information. If you are strapped for time, you can still join the fun with shorter experience tours such as Premium Whiskey Tasting, where you can sample whiskey in 20 minutes, or Cask Opening Experience, a 30-minute tour where you'll visit a maturation warehouse.

Avid whiskey lovers should opt for the Distiller’s Apprentice Tour for a complete experience that not only involves tasting a variety of blends, but also gives insight into the complex and intriguing process of whiskey making. Tasting whiskey straight out of a barrel is an experience you are not likely to forget in a hurry.

Getting there

Located 19 km away from the city of Cork, the distillery can be reached by trains departing from Kent Station. A local bus also runs every day of the week and there is a bus stop at the end of Distillery Walk. A special Jameson Distillery bus service operates from Patrick’s Quay in the Cork City Center to the distillery. You can also buy a combined ticket for the bus and a tour from the official distillery website.

Good to know

All tours run 7 days a week and can be booked online. Make sure you arrive 15 minutes early. Children are allowed with accompanying adults. The on-site shop is a perfect place to buy gifts for a whiskey enthusiast or to just pick a souvenir for yourself. The venue also has a restaurant serving traditional farmhouse meals you might want to check out.

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