Fota Wildlife Park

Go wild with the animals at Fota Wildlife Park, located on Fota Island near Carrigtohill. This conservation park is home to majestic animals such as lions, rhinos, giraffes, meerkats, and penguins.

What to do at the park

Fota Wildlife Park can keep you busy all day. Wander through the animal areas to see incredible creatures like capybaras, macaws, wallabies, and tigers. You'll have the chance to walk among free-roaming animals—maybe a kangaroo will jump right in front of you! If you're lucky, there may be some newly born baby animals to see.

You can also take in the varied plant life throughout the park, carefully placed to create natural habitats for the animals. See lime trees, eucalyptus plants, Swamp Cypress trees, and holly, among others.

Fota Wildlife Park offers plenty of guided tour options to make the most of your visit. Behind-the-scenes tours let you get up close to certain areas of the park. Maybe you'll feed the penguins or visit the giraffe house.

Fun for families

Kids will love playing on several playgrounds located throughout Fota Wildlife Park. Families can ride around on the Park Tour Train. The park has plenty of spots for picnics or places to purchase food and drinks—including ice cream!

The park offers educational tours, courses, and kids' camps. There are often family activities like face painting, crafts, or even concerts. Before or after a visit to the park, kids can submit questions via email to the mascot, Larry Lemur.

Families can even book a special VIP Family Experience where you get your own guide through the park and can help with animal feedings.

Animal feedings

Keep an eye on the feeding schedule to watch seals, penguins, and other animals get their meals. Watch an extra-special feeding called the Cheetah Run. The park created a device that sends food flying down a wire at around 65kph in order to ensure the cheetahs catch their food in a more natural way.

A focus on conservation

Fota Wildlife Park works to promote wildlife conservation, and many of its animal inhabitants are threatened species. Some areas of the park are divided into sanctuaries by region, like the Asian Sanctuary or African Savannah. Many of the animals roam freely within areas of the park. The park provides information to get the public involved in animal conservation, and entrance fees contribute to conservation efforts.

Fota Wildlife Park provides a great day out for families, friends, or travel partners.

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