Giant's Causeway (Visitor Centre)

Visit the Giant's Causeway and the expansive visitor center for panoramic views of fascinating nature. The unique rock formations are a major draw for visitors and provide ample photo opportunities.

Giant's Causeway Visitor Centre

Head to this interactive exhibition center for insight into the history of the Causeway. The visitor center invites visitors to learn more before experiencing the landmark firsthand. The beautiful modern building offers great views of the Causeway from inside. There are great viewing points on and around the building as well. The building is sustainable and blends in beautifully with its surroundings.

You'll find food and drink options inside the visitor center. There is also a gift shop to look through for the perfect souvenir. Tourist Information services are available as well.

Hear the legends and stories surrounding the Giant's Causeway and its different rock formations. When you're ready to get out to the Giant's Causeway, you can bring along a portable audio guide to learn as you go. Guided tours are also available to make the most of your visit.

Majestic nature

Experience the dramatic landscapes of the Giant's Causeway and discover one of the best-loved tourist attractions in Northern Ireland. The network of 40,000 basalt columns offer tourists a veritable playground on the Atlantic. Along the Causeway Coastal Route visitors can discover the natural wonder that has inspired poets, writers, and artists, and intrigued the likes of scientists and world travelers.

A long history of volcanic activity and lava flow formed this unique landmark. Between erosion from a river and lava heating up then hardening, the basalt columns formed over many years. The warm, wet climate in the area helped plants grow and formed the signature red soil called laterite.

The Giant's Causeway is open daily to tourists; visitors can explore the stones and the coastal path from dawn to dusk. Check out some of the famous features spread throughout the massive landmark, such as the Giant's Boot (a boot-shaped formation that is part of folklore), or the Wishing Chair (a natural stone throne you can sit on).

Getting to the visitor center and Giant's Causeway

You'll find the visitor center and access to the Causeway in the city of Bushmills. There is a bus stop just a short walk from the visitor center entrance.

Don't miss out on visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site and gorgeous Ireland landmark. You'll discover the hidden gems that make the area a lasting favorite for visitors from around the world.

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