Bagru Village Tour

Explore the historically cultural village of Bagru and find a settlement full to the brim with artistry and color. The little town that lies 30 km from Jaipur has become famous through the years for its textile printing - the Bagru Block Print is a highly influential design and has a great demand in the fashion world. For at least 400 years, Bagru has been home to the Chhipa clan, whose name comes either from a Gujarati word meaning "to print" or from combining two Nepal Bhasa words: ‘chhi' ("to dye") and ‘pa' ("to leave something to bask in sun"). As you walk through this village, with its vast drying fields and colorful walls, as well as the smells of dye in the air, you can feel that printing is at the very core of Bagru. Bagru printing, a technique where the design is carved on a wooden block, can be dated back to three hundred years ago. This simple process uses eco-friendly tools and natural vegetable dyes to print the cloth. Visitors can take a tour of the village and discover for themselves the artistry with which the clan produce their goods, visit the buildings they use for production and try making their own prints themselves. Of course, you can also buy some of their wonderful wares yourself as a unique souvenir from this truly memorable destination.
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