Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati

Located in the Sabarmati suburb of Ahmedabad, this renowned ashram goes by many names. Known as Sabarmati Ashram, Harijan Ashram, Satyagraha Ashram and most famously named the Gandhi Ashram for its most known resident, Mahatma Gandhi who lived here for 12 years with his wife, Kasturba Gandhi. Explore this tranquil landmark full of history and enjoy an educational and spiritual day, ideal for kids of all ages. So much more than a museum, this national monument showcases a collection of manuscripts of Gandhi's writings and a gallery of his life, as well as a selection of activities. Discover the grounds and house from where Gandhi led the historic Dandi march that subsequently led to the Indian Independence Movement. A trip to Ahmedabad isn't complete without a visit to Gandhi Ashram.
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