Fatehpur Sikri

Founded as the capital of Mughal Empire in 1571 by Emperor Akbar, this town is a must visit in the Agra district. Discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site as you explore the beautiful Fatehpur Sikri which means "City of Victory", named after Akbar's victorious Gujarat campaign in 1573. Drawing crowds from near and far, this city's history is evident in the stunning blend of architectural influences still visible today. From the stunning mosque still in use today to the three palaces said to represent each of Akbar's favorite wives; one Hindu, one Muslim and one Christian. A trip to Fatehpur Sikri offers educational fun for the whole family and is a top attraction for history buffs and architecture aficionados alike. Experience old world charm in this extraordinary city.
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24.15 mi / 38.87 km from Fatehpur Sikri
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