Granit Thermal and Adventure Bath

Enjoy the relaxing thermal waters at these baths and adventure pools in the Balaton region. Unwind in a 12-acre landscaped environment that, during the summer, provides more than 5,500 square meters of water surface area. One of the most popular baths in a country that loves them, the energizing water at Zalakaros Bath is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family. In addition to a medical center, the spa complex in the West Transdanubia region of Hungary offers seven indoor and thirteen outdoor pools, a beach, as well as more than 60 different moving, jumping, and gurgling torrential water attractions in the "Vízipók Csodapók Children's World."

Healing properties

An enormous treasure was unearthed when hot water was discovered near the town's boundaries. In 1965, the 96 C° waters gushing from deeper than 2,500 meters were classified as medicinal due to its unique composition. It is classified as "alkaline chloride hydrogen carbonated medical water," containing at the same time iodine, bromide, sulphur and fluoride - an extremely rare combination. The medical center at Zalakaros Bath can therefore offer traditional treatments of pampering wellness and medical wellness services to guests. The water can be used to treat various diseases and ailments and can help with weaknesses of the immune system and post surgery or injury issues. Such treatments are conducted under the best medical supervision, ensuring effective pain relief in this quiet and relaxing complex. Over the years the baths have become a medicinal spa and healing center known across the whole of Europe and they also offer services such as wellness massages.

Family fun and relaxation

Aside from the medicinal benefit of these baths, there is a great deal of recreational fun to be had at the center. Dive into fun at the indoor adventure pool, which offers guests 10 different water attractions. Children can "enjoy the outdoor Vízipók Csodapók Children's World," a water adventure park, as well as an indoor adventure pool for kids. There's also a playground and a playroom equipped with colorful toys offering fun and adventure. Guests can also indulge in beauty treatments or relax in the luxurious saunas. For those who enjoy more active relaxation, there are several sports facilities and swimming pools, as well as aqua fitness programs, so guests can keep in shape while they enjoy their time in the bath facilities. The open-air pool can be used from 1st May to 30th September. Several restaurants and snack bars offer delicious food and drink to visitors, completing the experience of fully unwinding at this local gem.