Lake Hévíz

The largest thermal lake in Europe is an unforgettable place to be and a must-see destination. The town of Heviz is located near the western end of Lake Balaton, not far from Keszthely and the beautiful Festetics castle, in Mid-Western Hungary. Budapest is just a 2-hour drive away and Balaton is in the immediate vicinity. The famous town of spas is surrounded by hills, enjoying a unique Mediterranean microclimate, with many calm and sunny days.

An ancient settlement

Discover a unique region, that was inhabited even at the end of the Stone Age, according to archaeological excavations. The legend explaining the origin of the healing effect of the lake stems from the Roman age. The present spa village started to form around the end of the 18th century, receiving recognition in the early 20th century, when it started expanding and vacation houses were built in the area along with a bath house right on the lake.

A geological curiosity

The Heviz Lake is Europe's largest thermal lake - a warm water lake situated in a peat-bed. The 4.44 hectares water-surface lake is surrounded by a 60.5 hectares nature conservation area. Springs of different temperatures diffuse in a narrow cave, and become a constant (38,5 °C) temperature stream when entering the lake. Beautiful water lilies, brought to Hungary at the end of the 19th century, dot the lake, supporting the eco-life, with leaves slowing down evaporation, and creepers protecting the medicinal mud on the bottom of the lake. In addition to the outdoor swimming area of the lake, there are indoor swimming pools. It is open all year round and makes a great relaxing place to go swimming and unwind even in the depths of winter. Treatments such as mud packs, relaxation therapy, and underwater massage are available. In winter, it provides a spectacular and unique experience when the condensed steam forms a steam cap on the top of the lake surface

Explore the Balaton region

The nearby city of Keszthely, one of the most charming towns by Lake Balaton, is great for sightseeing and entertainment. Keszthely is the site of a Baroque-style castle, which was the former residence of a Hungarian aristocrat, Earl György Festetics. The wine-producing Badacsony Hill is also in the neighborhood. Hike to the top to enjoy the best views of Lake Balaton along with a glass of local Pinot Gris.

Beautiful landscape

The Hungarian Sea, as the locals like to call it, shows a different face in each season. The volcanic mountains rising high above the silky water, the vine-covered slopes spattered with white press-houses, and the Mediterranean atmosphere of the Káli Basin are among the most beautiful regions in the country.