Andrassy Avenue

Starting from the Heroes' Square, Andrassy Avenue is an fantastic blend of Neo-Renaissance palaces and houses dating back to 1872. It stretches 2.5km and is a busy cultural hub of architecture, shopping, cafés and attractions. The street itself is steeped in history and takes you on a journey back to the turn of the 20th century. Its importance has been recognized, rewarded and protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the banks of the Danube River and Buda Castle Quarter.

Haute-culture to local boutiques

When it comes to shopping, the street is a one of Budapest's most desired locations. One end of the street is a boulevard containing many of the world's most elegant designer brands including Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, and much more. It has been described as Hungary's Champs-Élysées. Whether you are shopping for haute-culture or browsing the beautiful shop windows, you will see another side to this charming city. In contrast to this, you will find boutiques and shops along Andrassy Avenue with a wide range of fashion styles to suit your tastes.

Stop by Paris Department Store and you will be in awe at the beautiful renaissance style of the building taking you back in time. Be sure to browse the award-winning Aleksandra Bookstore and the coffee house, a formal ballroom with its beautiful ornate ceilings. Back out on the main street there are also a number of elegant cafés and restaurants for when it is time for that much-needed break. Make sure you sample some local specialties along the way.

More than shopping

This grand street is not just about shopping. Underground runs a vintage metro system, which helps you easily go from A to B. At one end of the avenue is Heroes' Square, leading into the City Park, a tranquil metropolitan area. Dotted along the avenue are plenty of attractions to break up your retail trip including the House of Terror and Opera House.