Fishing village of Sisi

Discover the quiet and attractive port village of Sisi for a taste of the Cretan lifestyle. Located 40 km from Heraklion and 25 km from Agios Nikolaos, this small settlement has endless charm and a relaxed feel that makes spending a day here a serene experience. Nestled between sea and mountains, Sisi can be reached by following a winding, picturesque road through olive groves and local nature.

An elegant port town

The port of Sisi looks like there is a river running through it, but it is in fact a feature of natural beauty that has been carved into the rock by the sea over the centuries. During the Cretan revolution, it was strategic spot for unloading guns and munitions for the brave Lassithi rebels. Today, there is a pier on one side of the harbor where the local fishing boats are secured, and the catch of the day is brought onshore. Conveniently placed around this spot are several tavernas where you can enjoy fresh fish from the day's catch or just grab a drink as you take in the spectacular view of the sea. The restaurants in this area are extremely popular with the locals, giving a strong hint that these are the places to head for those who are hungry. From the port, several boat excursions are organized (with small boats) to beaches and villages in the surrounding area of Sisi. Enjoy a relaxing boat trip and explore the local area from the water in a magical experience that you won't forget. Or, take a stroll along the boulevard with its terraces and restaurants or through the backstreets with all kinds of shops, including sweet-smelling bakeries.

Beautiful beaches and nature

Choose from the many beaches in the surrounding area, find your favorite beach, and enjoy the warm and calm sea. If you are not that adventurous, head for one of the two small sandy beaches near the port, which are sheltered by a rocky outcrop and keeps you from experiencing the strong winds that often sweet over Crete. These beaches both have small beach bars, and sunbeds are of course available to rent. Take a dip in the crystal clear and calm Mediterranean or enjoy sunbathing, water sports, family games, or a picnic on the sand. For those who love biking and walking, the beautiful roads of the village and the wonderful landscape around Sisi is a place where they can enjoy contact with nature at their leisure.

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