Hellenic Motor Museum

Learn about the history of cars as you wander through three floors of pristine vehicles from the 19th and 20th centuries. See for yourself how the production and export of motor vehicles has shaped Greece's economy and history.

Starting the Hellenic Motor Museum

The museum was started by Theodore N. Charagionis, who was always interested in cars and did some racing in his younger years. He started collecting his dream cars in the late ‘70s, and eventually opened the Hellenic Motor Museum in 2011.

Theodore's collection had started to get a bit excessive, so he opened the museum to do more with the cars. He wanted to give back to society and hoped the museum would help increase tourism and boost general knowledge about Greece's past and modern skills.

The museum exhibits

The Hellenic Motor Museum offers visitors an array of things to see and do, including an analysis of transmissions and inner workings for the more technically oriented motor enthusiasts. Aesthetes will love the collection of vintage cars.

Explore the impressive car collection, many of which you may have never seen before. You will also see familiar notable brands such as Ferrari, Porche, or BMW. The oldest vehicle on display is a Hunnia horse-drawn carriage from 1895. As the museum's full collection totals around 300 cars, the displays can be changed out to showcase different vehicles.

The museum building has a historic spiral ramp, where you'll find a detailed display about the history of the wheel. There is even an F1 simulator to try, where you can zoom around your choice of famous race tracks.

You can request a guided tour (English is available) to get a deeper understanding of the museum's collection, or you can simply explore on your own and marvel at the features of these historic cars.

More museum activities

The museum offers car-related educational programs about road safety, driving behavior, and even racing. In the modern auditorium, events such as art shows, fashion shows, or festivals are held throughout the year.

There is a museum store where you can find plenty of memorabilia to take home as a souvenir. You can also stop in at the café for a bite to eat.

Fantastic location

The Hellenic Motor Museum has a central location in Athens, very close to the National Archaeological Museum. It's also in the same building as the Athenian Capitol shopping center, so you'll have no problem fitting the museum in to your day of Athens sightseeing. The museum is only about 2.5km from Syntagma Square and the B5 bus stops just outside the building.

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