Discover the story of Wismar’s Tree House

Visit this distinctive cultural landmark in Wismar and discover the story of how the city defended itself from maritime dangers. You’ll find Wismar Tree House on the Old Port (Alte Hafen) of Wismar, close to the old granary.

The attraction has both historical significance and modern cultural relevance, as it now houses a series of rotating exhibitions that fascinate local art lovers.

Harbor gateway

Wismar Baumhaus, as its known to locals, was first built in the first half of the 18th century. It was a clever strategic construction designed to secure the harbor.

At night, or if there was imminent peril, the employees would pull a chain and a large piece of floating log wood would close off the entrance. In doing so, the so-called Bohmschlüter (employees of the port administration), would prevent unwanted ships docking.

Design features

Visitors will admire the Baroque architecture of this modestly-sized building that sits by the port. Its red roof and white window and door frames are certainly striking features, as are the intriguing busts flanked by two trees.

The Hercules busts go back to at least 1672, which originally stood on stone dolphins at the port entrance at Wendorf. The originals were damaged by a Finnish ship, so these are in fact replicas, although you can see an original in the city's historical museum Schabbellhaus.

Fascinating collections

Visit the Tree House and you’re in for a cultural treat. In a series of changing exhibitions, you can learn about the history of Wismar or see some of the best art the region has to offer. They also host family-friendly events on the waterfront, making it the perfect place to bring kids, too.

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