Surwold climbing park

Enjoy a whole-body workout by taking a trip to the Surwold Climbing Park to practice some rock climbing. It is one of the most entertaining and challenging experiences when visiting Papenburg, and an activity for the whole family if you are traveling with children.

Try the different levels

The climbing forest at Surwold is suitable for all ages. They offer 6 different courses with basic to difficult levels in case it is your first time visiting the park. There is a basic one, a fun, a speedy, a jumpy and a risky one. All courses are supervised at every time, and before starting all participants will be instructed about the difficulties and strategies.

Benefits of climbing

Visiting the Climbing Park is not only about entertainment, but also a good exercise. Maybe you are a specialist in the matter, or maybe it is your first time. Whatever is the case, you might want to know some of the benefits before you head there. The best thing about climbing is that it is a whole-body workout, exercising near all muscle groups in your body, including minor ones known as finger muscles. It is also a great training for your brain, as it helps improve your problem-solving skills and your focus. When you are tired of scaling up the rocks, take a deep breath and focus on trying again how is the best way to solve the obstacles. Focusing your energies away from the fatigue is a good way of not getting frustrated.

Extra things to do

After climbing, enjoy a walk through the beautiful Surwold forest that surrounds the park. In addition, there is a playground if you are traveling with smaller children with swings, a toboggan, and a lookout tower. As well, check out the miniature golf course. For food and drink, there is a kiosk offering different light snacks and beverages to hydrate you, after the workout. Otherwise, bring your own snacks and have a picnic in the forest.

Good to know before going

The Surwold climbing park is only opened from March to October, as during the winter season they close for holidays and maintenance. You can reserve a time on their slot on their website if you want to ensure your space.

More entertainment nearby

Visit also the Märchenwald park, known as the fairytale park. It features small houses and characters telling old classic stories. It is like traveling back in time to your childhood fairytales.

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